About Us

Integra solutions is a business & finance advisory that offers the proficiency and experience of a multinational tax firm, within the cost of a local setup. We read your business from the outside, analyze the low turns, calculate the opportune steps and thus perfectly blend in your system to enable the upswing.

Value Proposition

Our Delivery Models

At Integra Solutions, when it comes to delivery models, there is no one size fit all strategy. In fact, because we do not follow a standardized, pre-designed approach, we are able to successfully cater to diverse needs. The service offerings are carefully planned to enable financial growth, eliminate risks and enhance business positioning. To achieve this objective, we analyze the client’s requirements, study the market scenario, check the demand and supply equations and thus based upon the research, chart out specific solutions.

On Site Delivery Model

A number of permutation combinations are possible, but the most preferred arrangement entails deployment of a learned Integra executive at the client site. This appointed professional gathers the requisite info from the client and coordinates with the office team assisting on the project, thereby enabling seamless execution.

Offshore Delivery Model

Designed keeping in forefront the sophisticated requirements of an advanced assignment, offshore delivery model deploys a selected team of learned professionals on the task. These experts operate out of Integra premises and on regular basis, communicate with client personally and via internet.

Hybrid Model

The positives of onsite and offshore delivery models are clubbed in the hybrid work schema. A team is stationed at the client site, which is responsible for gathering inputs and thus working on the project, at client’s place. In tandem with this onsite team, an offshore team too works on the project thereby complementing the efforts. Optimum efficiency levels are thus attained and the needed support of the offsite team enables smooth implementation. At any stage, with two flexible teams working on the project, scale parameters can be adjusted.

Delivery Team

Integra Solution’s backbone is the combined tact and experience of the Integra team. Professionals who are a part of Integra have worked in various profiles, in different sectors and thus have the desired experience to commit operational success. At Integra, special attention is paid during the process of team allotment for any project. Employee profiles are precisely gauged and only the most suited for client work requirements are positioned to execute.