Our Services

Integra solutions is a business & finance advisory that offers the proficiency and experience of a multinational tax firm, within the cost of a local setup.

Payroll Services

The Integra Solutions team of payroll professionals is proficient at executing outsourced payroll services like processing payment instructions, completing and managing bank payment files, generation of general and statutory payroll reports, processing electronic pay receipts for the company employees, administering applicable employee deductions, working out the fringe benefits, and submission of the respective reports. The primary objective here is conducting the assigned payroll related duties in an accurate manner, working within the government legal framework. With Integra Solutions at the task, the payroll outsourcing partners can be assured of error free, professional and timely execution. Payroll counselors working with us, for you, are quite equipped with the technical know how and focus essentially is on extending customized solutions to each and every client.

Outsourced Payroll Service Inclusions:

  • Recording and updating new admissions and existing attendance data.
  • Employees leave data management in categories including CL, PL and SL.
  • Maintenance of salary registers, circulation of the collated data and prepared reports to the designated officials and fund transfers to respective accounts. In case of salary restructuring or payroll planning vis-à-vis tax norms, we propose to assist.
  • Maintaining payroll record as received from the client and updating relevant bonus and allowance track records. Inputs are crosschecked and accordingly pay slips are issued. For the purpose, the salary designs and structure are charted out and in case of overtime, respective payments are calculated. Timely validation and output quality checks are a part of the payroll service package.
  • Calculation of applicable tax deductions and computations of other monthly and yearly tax schemas.
  • Coordination with HR for full and final settlement and dispute mediation with reference to pay calculations.
  • Preparation and issue of TDS certificates (Form 16).
  • Preparations of any other related reports.

  • In addition to the stated, our team of learned experts is available for discussions and payroll advice and counseling sessions.