Our Services

Integra solutions is a business & finance advisory that offers the proficiency and experience of a multinational tax firm, within the cost of a local setup.

Service tax, Central Excise and Customs Services

At Integra Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we have invested in a team of seasoned Advocated and CAs, who have the requisite knowledge and expertise to impeccably execute tasks like filling service tax refunds, filling and attending to tax appeals, handling tax assessments and show cause notices and catering to other related tasks. As a corporation of any size, you have this opportunity to depute this qualified pool of professionals for your company’s service tax, central excise and custom services requirements. By outsourcing service tax, central excise and custom service related duties to Integra Solutions, you avail the benefits of a highly proficient team of learned experts, without actually paying a fortune. With us at the backend, we assure timely execution of the outsourced tasks, within the legal framework.

Service tax, Central Excise and Customs Service Inclusions:

  • Maintaining cenvat credit registers and availing cenvat credit in reference to input services, capital goods and inputs.
  • Extending the requisite documentation support for tax submissions and related matters.
  • Service tax liability calculations and filing ST-3 returns.
  • Managing custom audit and levies, service tax audit and central excise audit related tasks.
  • Responding and preparing replies to the show cause notices from service tax and other tax departments. The team shall also appear in case of adjudication proceedings. Appeals and hearings in context to matters related to Appellate Authorities including the CESTAT are also managed.
  • Filling for claims and collecting refunds from the respective tax authorities and those from Special Auxiliary Duties (SAD).
  • Ascertaining applicable Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 and the Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012.
  • Controlling any sort of issues related to DGCEI, anti-evasion, enforcement, preventive, etc.
  • Special Valuation Bench (SVB) matters too are managed.
  • End to end support is extended if there is a move planned to the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
  • Consultation and advisory services in all stated matters.