Our Services

Integra solutions is a business & finance advisory that offers the proficiency and experience of a multinational tax firm, within the cost of a local setup.

Finance and Funding Services

At Integra Solutions, Finance and Funding services are divided in two key heads viz., Debt Solutions and Equity Solutions. The idea behind this bifurcation is to explicitly focus on the two pertinent cost management tools.

Debt Management

For a corporation of any size, to grow beyond a certain limit, it is essential to raise finance from external sources and a reasonable proportion of this finance is obtained as debt. Thus, the cost at which a company raises debt from external sources plays a fundamental role in determining its cost sheet.

Hiring Integra Solutions as your cost manager though adds a trivial amount to the overall company expenditure, but the professional treatment that we offer in the domain of debt management and thus finance and funding services ensures considerable cost benefit in the long term. As your outsourcing partner, we deploy our skilled team to negotiate with banks and other financial institutions on your behalf and thus figure out economically profitable arrangements. To this end, we also extend clerical support i.e. assistance with the needed paperwork.

Equity Management

Like debt, to fuel expansion equity needs to be raised at the right time from suitable sources, at the most appropriate terms. Integra’s management team brings with it years of funding management experience and thus proposes to undertake the task of equity management on your company’s behalf. As your partner, our management team will chart out the possible sources like the Indian and Foreign venture funds and financial institutions and other capable sources. Credible and economically suitable options from this category will be contacted and the negotiations will be conducted towards favorable conclusion. Business plans will be prepared and we shall handle the flow of equity management from start to finish. We assure best solutions as we have the needed resource base to accomplish the stated. Furthermore, as your finance and funding managers and consultants, we also offer to club the due diligence service. This ensures 100%evaluation of external parties involved in the deal and thus complete security.